A welcome to the 2020 freshers!

Tom O'Neill - October 02, 2020


This is a short blog post to say a big welcome to everyone joining the University of York in 2020. You're arriving in unusual times but I'm really pleased you've got an interest in CyberSoc and the events we run!

This term we'll be running events mostly online so I'd encourage you first and foremost to join our Discord server so you can keep up with what we're running and and attend virtual events. You're welcome to ask questions and we'd love to get to meet you and share our passion for security.

In the first few weeks, we'll be running some welcome events to encourage you to try out what we do and get to know the wide range of topics involved in cyber security. We have a range of technical backgrounds on the committee so we can hopefully pool our knowledge and help anyone newly interested in the industry to get started. For the more experienced, I expect we can deliver a good challenge too! The intent of the first term is to give an overview of a range of different areas and see what piques your interest. Talk to a member of committee if you have a particular area in mind and we can probably run a talk on it.

Our first event after publishing this blog will be our attendance at the YUSU virtual fair on Saturday 3rd October and I'd encourage you to come and say hello if you haven't had the chance to yet. We're a friendly bunch and don't (usually) bite!

I'm looking forward to meeting you and that our events are of interest to you this year!

All the best,


CyberSoc Press and Publicity Officer