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Cybersoc CTF

Come along and try out a variety of cybersecurity and ethical hacking activities. We're hard at work making challenges for a range of abilities, so anyone is welcome πŸ˜‡. Please sign up by emailing [email protected] You can sign up on behalf of your team, or you can sign up individually and we'll place you in a team ourselves πŸ˜πŸ’». There will be a range of classic CTF activities, and some more unique puzzles & activities in the local area that should be great fun and won't need any prior experience. If there's any questions just send us a message or email! Categories: β€’ Web β€’ Forensics β€’ Reverse engineering β€’ Crypto and more... We recommend you use a Linux based operating system. Having virtual box installed may be handy.

Date: 21/11/2018

Time: 18:00:00

Room: CyberSoc York

Previous events

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Reversing with Radare

Following the introduction to reverse engineering in our Give It A Go session, we'll be delving deeper into the subject using the open source tool Radare2. This session will teach vital knowledge about how a computer works that will be helpful in many areas outside cyber security, and go into more detail about how to reverse engineer malware! Since this session will be more advanced, we recommend you've already had a look at the crypto and reversing sessions from our Give It A Go: Hope to see you there!

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SquareCTF 2018

πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³ Hi everyone, CyberSoc is taking part in SquareCTF 2018! β€’ SquareCTF is an online jeopardy style capture the flag event with challenges ranging from easy to difficult. ( β€’ Any members who wish to join us this weekend are welcome. Just email [email protected] to let us know you're coming along! (There is no limit on team size!) β€’ We've booked out RCH/103 for the whole weekend (Fri - Sun) so come and take part as you please. β€’ The CTF starts on Thursday but we are going to begin after the Bloomberg Codeathon on Friday which should end at approximately 8PM. We hope to see you there! πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³

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Chillout Session

Come along and meet people, learn about cyber security in an informal environment, have a go at security challenges or work on whatever you want. We'll be available to help you with the activities from last week if you wanted some help on them, or generally chat about cyber security.

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Post EGM Workshop

After the EGM has finished we will have one of our returning founding membersπŸ‘ (who is currently on a year in industry) run a workshop for us which will be open to all members.

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We will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). This will be to fill in positions which we have open, and it is extraordinary because it is not at the Annual General Meeting which is where committee members are normally elected! Even if you don't want to nominate yourself, it's always great to properly exercise democracy with a large sample size, so come on down to vote anyway. It won't take a moment of your time and really helps form the future of the society! πŸ‘πŸ‘ We currently have three unfilled committee positions. If you would like to run for a position (and are eligible to run) please let us know! Please also let us know if you want more information on the roles. Roles: Outreach Officer: Must not be a computer science student. Responsible for promoting the society to students from a wide range of backgrounds, and finding ways to improve diversity of the society. Postgraduate Officer: Must be a postgraduate student, ideally on the Cyber Security masters course. Represents this group of students to help ensure our activities fit with postgraduate timetables, and are attractive and useful to this group of students. Officer Without Portfolio: This position has no prerequisites, as the name suggests. The role of the officer would be to attend meetings, help make decisions, and help wherever they can with events! These is no specific responsibility, but more a general one to help out with society business. Feel like your days are too full? We allow running in pairs!! If you and a friend fancy teaming up and splitting the work load, do get in touch! πŸ‘«πŸ€

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This is Accenture

Graduating this year and looking for a job? In your 1st or 2nd year and looking for a year in industry or a summer placement? Come join us at This is Accenture York to find out about graduate opportunities in a Fortune Global 500 company. Any subject background is welcomed with jobs ranging from security and technical roles to consultancy and strategy roles. This event will be ran by our sponsor Accenture, from whom free drinks and canapΓ©s will be provided πŸ₯§πŸ₯‚. You can signup up for the event or find out more here: