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Week 4: Chillout Session!

After last week's OpenSSL talk and exams looming just around the corner we'll be holding a chillout session to give you a break from all that revision you're definitely doing! 👀 Come and join us in PZA/106X at 18:30 on Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

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Week 3: OpenSSL Talk + Workshop!

Matt Caswell, the President of the OpenSSL Software Foundation will be with us this Wednesday to give a talk on how cryptography can be used in securing communications, and how it's used in OpenSSL and the SSL/TLS protocols. Matt will also be running a TLS-based workship after his talk, so bring along a laptop (and your friends!) and join us in CSE/082&83 (The Pod) at 18:30 this Wednesday!

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CyberSoc Week 2: Chillout Session

After last week's GIAG session, we'll be hosting a Chillout session in PZA/109. Bring along a laptop and practice your cyber security skills with us (or spend the session debating which Linux distro is the best...your call 😉)!

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CyberSoc Summer Week 1: Give It A Go!

In this term's GIAG, we'll be in PZA/103 at 5pm playing around with command execution on a webpage, finding mystery flags! You will learn basic Linux commands and how to decode encryption, and there will be time at the end to socialise with other members of the society. No prior Cyber Security knowledge is needed, so just bring along a laptop or borrow one from the Piazza library. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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CyberSoc Chillout Session

After the intense HackBack CTF last Saturday, it's time for another of our biweekly chillout sessions! Join us in the Piazza at 6:30pm for a chance to work together on cybersecurity problems, debate which distro of Linux is best, or just some mid-week relaxation!

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HackBack CTF

CyberSoc York is taking part in the HackBack inter-university CTF competition! Registration is open to teams of up to four - this replaces our usual CTF for this term, so get registered. The deadline is the 1st March! Registration instructions can be found at (on the left, at the bottom).