About Us

CyberSoc is the University of York's Cyber Security Society.

The society was started in December 2017 by a group of computer science undergraduates with a passion for cyber security. If you've ever been curious about the secret lives of hackers, or wanted to learn about how to secure or exploit computers for fun and profit then CyberSoc is the place for you!

We're a dedicated bunch of enthusiasts and learners, with a range of fun activities for beginners and veterans of cyber security alike. Come along to one of our workshops (weekly, on Wednesdays) to learn how to properly secure your personal devices, disappear from the internet, or even compete in hacking competitions!

The Committee

Our committee are the backbone of CyberSoc, responsible for organising & running weekly events, as well as managing the day-to-day activities of the society.

Committee member Tom O'Neill

Tom O'Neill


Responsible for leading the society and chairing committee meetings.

Committee member Jamie Quigley

Jamie Quigley


Minutes committee meetings, ensure society admin is in order, and that the committee are carrying out their roles

Committee member Joe Wrieden

Joe Wrieden


Manages the societies finances, including buying of new hardware and ensuring that society membership is paid.

Committee member Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman

Events Officer

Coordinates with the president to put on events and plan the timetable of society workshops and socials.

Committee member Ben Silverman

Ben Silverman

Press & Publicity Officer

Responsible for sending society emails, operating society social media and organising society merchandise.

Committee member Jacob Turner

Jacob Turner

Infrastructure Officer

Responsible for coordinating the society's equipment acquisitions with the treasurer and maintaining the website and other systems necessary for the smooth running of workshops.

Committee member David Miall

David Miall

Outreach Officer

A non-CS student, responsible for expanding the reach of the society to other departments.

Committee member [currently unfilled]

[currently unfilled]

Postgraduate Officer

Communicates with the GSA to encourage postgraduate students to engage with the society and its events, particularly CTFs.