Welcome to our new website!

Ben Silverman - April 16, 2020

Hi all!

This is just a quick post from me to formally announce the new CyberSoc website. Our aim is for it to serve as a central hub to keep up-to-date with our weekly events, as well as repository for lots of cybersecurity-related content we write.

I've been developing this for a few months now and have learned a lot about web development in the process. We elected to use GatsbyJS for the site's framework, as we wanted to keep the site static whilst still including "dynamic" features like blog posts and also wanted to ensure it was simple for others to update further down the line.

Gatsby is a framework for React and, seeing as I'd been programming in it for around a year now, we felt it was a perfect fit for our needs. There's some information in the GitHub repository's README about setting up your development environment to work on this website's source code, as well as how to submit blog posts of your own to be hosted on there for everyone else's viewing pleasure, so feel free to peruse if you want.

That's pretty much all I've got for now. Part of the reason this article's here in the first place is to give the blog some content to display, so we're killing two birds with one stone I suppose!